Transfarmation – changing the mindset of terrestrial carbon sequestration

Transfarmation may sound like a “play on words” which it is but it goes much further than that.

A large part of indigenous forests in New Zealand are locked up on farms unable to be effectively managed due to the cost or maintenance but also due to punitive legislative constraints. Many of these forests are in decline, mainly due to the abundance of pests that cause both destruction to the forest itself, its native inhabitants but there is also a significant release of CO2 due to this decline.

Transforming these forests to a state where the pests are gone, the native wildlife returns and they start sequestering CO2 again is the goal of Transfarmation Limited.

We are not alone nor first in this quest. There are many great corporate citizens who have been at this activity far longer than we have – however Transfarmtion seek to leverage off its own experience in how carbon markets can aid this process for all.

Part of our strategy is also to increase the growth of indigenous forests for the simple reason they are a far greater “long-term – sink – and – store” than most permanent exotic forests.

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